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In order to discover the foundations of Christian faith together with the Gen 4, we have chosen some passages of the Old and New Testament. Supplemented by a motto and experiences, each episode can give the Gen 4 the desire to live the Word of God together with us.
We organized the entire program in a 4-year period that follows the liturgical year and gives an awareness of the formative arc of the Indigo, even for those gen 4 who are only 1-2 years old.
The year is composed as follows: before Christmas, some episodes of the Old Testament will be presented, then from Christmas until Pentecost we will show episodes on the life of Jesus; after Pentecost, we will show episodes on the life of the early Christians.
Each episode, which can be found as a downloadable video or PowerPoint presentation, can be played in the style of a dialogue.
The educational proposals are the result of a communion of ideas and experiences with Gen 4 assistants. The give the ff:

- A brief summary of the contents

- Deepening/Going in-depth for the gen assistant which also serves to prepare his/her soul

- Ideas to welcome the Gen 4 boys and girls

- Indigo episode and experiences

- Motto to apply

- Songs

- Creative activities

- Indoor and outdoor games

- Face to face with God…

Each Gen 4 assistant should feel free to use these proposals, whether to modify them or develop their own ideas. We are happy to enrich our files with your proposals and experiences, and share them with everyone!

Download entire document (with themes in tables from 1st to 4th year)  

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